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Enrique Iglesias - Noche Y De Dia ft. Yandel, Juan Magan
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Kylie Minogue “Beautiful” (featuring Enrique Iglesias) | Release: November 24


We all know the disastrous promotion that is doing the record label Roc Nation and Kylie Minogue with her latest album “Kiss Me Once“. After releasing as next single “Sexy Love, only in Australia and confirming “Million Miles” for the Spanish market, the Australian goddess of pop chooses the criticized song “Beautiful” as the next single in the States and probably for the rest of Europe too.

Beautiful‘ was undoubtedly the single of the dispute from the beginning. It’s a song recorded alongside Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. The track was produced by Mark Taylor and it’s included on Enrique’s tenth studio album “Sex and Love” as a bonus track on the deluxe edition and also included on Minogue’s twelfth album “Kiss Me Once”.

There has been much controversy around this track. Both singers wanted the rights to promote it under their name. Finally, although the song has attracted quite bad reviews, “Beautiful” was initially released as a Enrique’s single on iTunes Australia on March 14th. Now it seems that Kylie has finally decided to release the single on her own in the international market.

Kylie uploaded the official audio on her Youtube channel on Friday July 31st. The single will be released on iTunes (UK) on November 24th. It is expected that both artists present the song together on the next edition of The X Factor.

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