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short bets against Snapchat.

Short interest -   30 mil. shares( 15.4% of the shares available) 

S3 Partners.

SnapchatS3 Partners

Snapchat  ipo at $17 ( debut at $24).

Shares climbed as high as $28.84 on March 3, its second day of trading, but have been retreating ever since. 

The price has tumbled by nearly a third as analysts across have come out against the stock.


 4 reasons that limit Snapchat's upside:

  1. "Already slowing growth in daily active users (DAUs)."
  2. "Slowing monetization (ARPU) growth."
  3. "Fierce competition(  Fb, Instagram ,WhatsApp)"
  4. "Rich valuation relative to current and future growth."

 common shareholders don't have voting rights as a reason to be downbeat on the stock.